Student Final Projects

These are some of the final projects created and submitted by students from all over the Middle East and the world who have completed the online training program in peace negotiations, human rights, peacebuilding and good governance at the YaLa Academy Peace Institute in Honor of Nelson Mandela. Final project topic: “What is your vision of the MENA region in the year 2025 (if peace were to be established today) building on what you have learned from the YaLa Peace Institute?”

Everything Starts with a Story by Nicolás Paz (Spain)

Road to Peace by Javaria Yaqub (Saudi Arabia)

Final Assignment by Menia Rim (Algeria)

Final Assignment for the YaLa Peace Institute by Marwa Belkhiria (Tunisia)

Social Peace and Reconciliation in the Middle East by Andrew Pico (United States)

Paradigms for the future we all deserve: A case study of the MENA region by Chibuike B.K. Emmanuel (Nigeria)

A Decade of Peace in the Middle East and North Africa by Ibrahim Hassan Mohammed (Somalia)

Peacebuilding in the MENA Region in the Eyes of Rachid by Rachid Gareh (Morocco)

The MENA region after 10 years of peace by Nathan U. Oluchukwu (Nigeria)

My vision of peace in 2025 by Samrawit Behailu (Ethiopia)

The YaLa News by Miriam Yosef (Germany)

The Peace in 2025 by Haviv Baubot (France)

A Trip to Starbucks by Dom O’Connor (United States)

The Olive trees have regrown and are green once again! (A personal journey) by Errel Peli (Israel)

Peace in 2025 by Saeid Al Tammari (Palestine)

Ten Years After by Lovelyn Okafor (Nigeria)

Looking Back on Ten Years of Peace by Abigail Levitt (Israel)

A Decade of Peace in the Middle East by Zakaria Al-Shmaly (Syria)

Envisioning the Middle East After 10 Years of Peace by Leora Eisenberg (United States)

The Middle East after 10 years of Peace by Joaquina Menedez Behety (Argentina)

Looking back at the MENA Peace Initiative: Five Years Later by Lisa Spears (United States)